It takes

  • 2 lvl 1 books to make a lvl 2 book.
  • 2 lvl 2 to make lvl 3.
  • 2 lvl 3 to make lvl 4.
  • 2 lvl 4 to make lvl 5.

So... 1 lvl 5 book = 2 lvl 4 = 4 lvl 3 = 8 lvl 2 = 16 lvl 1 books.

Could you then continuously combine 16 lvl 1 books up to get a lvl 5 book?

Or does the cost penalty increase like it does when repairing weapons/tools/armour?

Would it become "Too Expensive" before you got there?

  • Haven't tested yet, but it should work. Combining more into it or the tool afterwards would rather be the problem. And that it costs a lot of XP. I'm pretty sure it's always cheaper to start with high/a lot of enchantments and not combine as often. Aug 31, 2018 at 11:02
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    Not sure if I should vote to close this as a duplicate, but this question will likely help you for more understanding of enchantments: gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/254360/… Aug 31, 2018 at 11:08

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Yes, it is possible. I've tested this, and here are the results:

  • Combining 16 Efficiency I books into 8 Efficiency II books: 2 levels each (16 levels)
  • Combining these 8 books into 4 Efficiency III books: 5 levels each (20 levels)
  • Combining these 4 books into 2 Efficiency IV books: 10 levels each (20 levels)
  • Combining these 2 books into 1 Efficiency V book: 19 levels
  • Applying this Efficiency V book onto an unenchanted diamond pickaxe: 20 levels

Even with prior work penalty, the highest individual level cost does not go above 20, which means that it is not only possible, but also reasonably achievable in a survival game. However, it costs a whopping 95 levels to fully enchant a tool using only Efficiency I books.

If you're dead set on using this method, combine the books as soon as you have the levels to do so. Since you level up a lot faster when you have low levels, it would take a lot less XP (and time) to combine books as you go than if you waited until you're level 95.

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