Squeaky Pufts consume Chlorine and produce Bleach Stone, which in the game will turn back into chlorine as it evaporates. Meaning that you can essentially feed the Squeaky Pufts with their own excrement, which is kind of convenient.

Squeaky Pufts

What I don't know is whether this creates a net surplus or loss of chlorine/bleach stone. Perhaps it is chlorine neutral even. But if it is a net positive then its essentially a means to produce chlorine.

Can Squeaky Pufts provide a net increase of bleach stone and chlorine?

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According to the answers on the Oxygen not included forum:

If I'm not mistaken, they have the typical 50% conversion rate of food (chlorine gas) to excrement (bleachstone).

It appears the Squeaky Pufts convert half the mass of gas into solid bleach stone and the puft consumes the other half of the mass. I assume that bleach stone converts back into an equal mass of chlorine through evaporation.

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