I don't understand how the json code works in Minecraft, so I'm wondering how can I give myself a "damaged" item using commands?

I tried to use the old 1.12.2 way where you would just add the damage, like

/give @s minecraft:elytra 1 50

with 50 being damage, but it no longer functions correctly, and fails to parse in 1.13 and 1.13.1

  • Have you tried anything yet? If so, write your command in with the question.
    – Ben
    Sep 6, 2018 at 7:41

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The /give command in Minecraft 1.13 has been changed to this format:

give <player>[<selectors>] <item>[<NBT>] [<count>]

Knowing the NBT tag for damage being Damage, I wrote this command. (Don't currently have minecraft installed to test it, but it should work.)

/give @p minecraft:elytra{Damage:50} 1

This page on the /give command and this one showing what tags you can apply to items should be helpful in understanding how to use them.


This one command is the updated one for 1.13+ (/give @p minecraft:elytra{Damage:500} 1)

500 being the damaged one.

I hope this helps

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