In the last expansion (Legion) in non-world PvP (battlegrounds, arenas) stats scaled by item level via so called "PvP templates".

Does stat scaling / PvP templates still exist in Battle for Azeroth (BfA), and if so, which stats are scaled and how?

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PvP templates which scaled with average item level have been removed in BfA. The only thing that is still affected in an instanced PvP environment are PvE trinkets, which are 75% less effective.


When I first started playing BFA, I was under the impression that pvp scaling had been removed. The damage I was dealing to enemy players seemed to be the same as what I was dealing to mobs. At some point, I found this forum post that claimed the damage you deal is scaled up or down based on the item level difference between the players.

I gave this a test myself and realize it's true. The damage you see you've done on your side is not the same damage the other player takes.

I just tested this in a duel to confirm this scaling system is still implemented. I frost shocked a 400 ilvl warrior on my 409 ilvl elemental shaman. In my combat log, it said I did 4,431 damage. In the warrior's log, it said he received 3,870 damage. The game compensated for our HP difference by scaling down the amount of damage I dealt to the warrior.

I don't think there are any official resources out there that explain the exact numbers behind this scaling system, but the forum post linked above seems to come close enough for a basic understanding of how it impacts the game.

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