I have set up a working ME network with drives to store my items. I have a few patterns I want to use for crafting but my ME Interface Terminal is completely white.

My pattern is in the storage on the drives but it is not being detected by the ME Interface Terminal. What should I do?

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The ME interface Terminal shows you all your ME Interfaces on the network. If it's white, and the network is working, I'd guess you do not have any. The network will not perform crafting from Encoded Patterns just sitting in storage, you need to set them up on ME Interface on relevant crafting machines.

In order to set up basic crafting on ME you'll need to do the following:

  1. Place a ME Interface on a crafting machine.
    • In case of a crafting pattern, the machine is a Molecular Assembler Chamber (MAC).
    • In case of a processing pattern, the machine is the machine capable of performing the processing, e.g. a furnace.
  2. Craft a Blank Pattern and encode it with the desired recipe in a ME Pattern Terminal.
  3. Put the Encoded Pattern in the ME Interface. This can be done via the ME Interface Terminal, or you can just place it there by hand.
  4. Build a Crafting CPU somewhere in the network to manage the crafting. For a start, a simple 1k Crafting Storage should be enough.
  5. Make sure the ME Interface and the 1k Crafting Storage both have a channel, the MAC only needs power (no channel), the network has power and is working, there are crafting components available, etc.
  6. Order crafting. Enjoy!

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