Im making a possible map with turrets that shoots arrows above your head if you're spotted but this messes up the ground filling it with arrows and when people go through the mess they will pick up the arrows so I made an easy /kill command that when the arrow touches the ground it dies but the mid-air arrows also die and some of you might think that the problem was already solved because when you get spotted arrows will still follow you while on range and still might hit you but this map is supposed to be a weird time-space stealth map so i need some turrets in-escapable like when you get spotted you will have super low health or die. Please help me

Sorry for wasting time but I have made a solution /execute @e[type=arrow] testforblock ~ ~-1 ~ air so when the threat is gone or dead the remaining arrows will land on the ground making all arrow non-airborne and i just need to use a /clear command that will make your inventory arrow-free because my game is all about sneaking but thank you for atleast checking this.

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