So, my friends and I are getting ready to fight Moon Lord, but there's a big problem: We can't find a good armor set. I was hoping to get either the Stardust or Solar Flare armor, but now I realize that it needs Luminite which only drops from Moon Lord. What's the best armor before beating Moon Lord?

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The last major boss before the Moon Lord is Plantera, whose defeat causes Chlorophyte to begin to spawn, which (eventually) gives you access to the following:

  • Chlorophyte (Melee, Ranged, and Spell options)
  • Shroomite (Chlorophyte + Glowing Mushrooms, Ranged damage)
  • Spectre (Chlorophyte + Ectoplasm, Magic Damage)
  • Turtle Armor (Chlorophyte + Turtle Shells, Defensive Melee)
  • Beetle Armor (Turtle Armor + Beetle Husks, Defensive Melee, also requires golem to be defeated)
  • Spooky Armor (Spooky Wood from the Pumpkin Moon, Summoner Armor) If you currently have these armors, there's nothing left to do but buckle down and face the Moon Lord as-is!

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