I've got an older world that I've had for years and have brought with me through multiple versions. I haven't played since 1.10 or so, and today I imported the world into 1.13.1. The world is survival, but I used cheats to add command blocks where I needed them. Now the command blocks don't work.

The command block is clocked, and is being activated. I can set the block command to say "hi" and it will repeatedly say "hi" and output a redstone signal to its output comparator. But if I change the command back to what it originally was set to (testfor @p[r=2]), I get an error message in the previous output which says testfor @p[r=2]<--[HERE].

If I type the command into the console, I get an unknown command error. Furthermore, the command as written in the command block field is red, and testfor does not autocomplete.

  • Even in 1.10 it was discouraged to use testfor. – Fabian Röling Sep 16 '18 at 21:02

Ah, you have to use execute now:

/execute if entity @p[x=-798,y=4,z=0,distance=..1]

Then it will output to the comparator when those conditions are satisfied (i.e. there is a player in that position).

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