There's a trophy option for "Make Chef's secret soup recipe." What is the recipe?

enter image description here

I assume that you can get this trophy on the level where you are at Chef's restaurant.

I've tried the following combinations with no luck:

  • The recipe that completes the level (soup + salt + pepper)
  • Soup + Salt + Pepper + 1 bug
  • Soup + Salt + Pepper + 2 bugs
  • Soup + Salt + 1 bug
  • Soup + Pepper + 1 bug

I can't figure out any other combinations.


You need three shakes of pepper and two shakes of salt. The recipe can be found in Trashopedia after you complete the Cat Soup level.

It's bookmarked. "Secret Soup Recipe: 2 shakes salt, 3 shakes pepper."

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