i.e. the bottom floor. I want to make a cool tower that goes up to y65 then you can join the world.

But, I need people that come into the world to spawn at the bottom of the spawn area. Possibly by using a command block that people would use a button and teleport them to the bottom.


Due to the way Minecraft handles player spawning, they will always (naturally) spawn on the highest block that isn´t water, like the normal y=64 of typical worlds. You could get everyone on the server, then run /spawnpoint @a for everyone, but it wont affect new players who come on later. I´d put a barrier platform at y=255 and a command block chain saying /spawnpoint @a[radius=5] ~ (y level) ~ and then /tp @a[radius=5] ~ (y level) ~ . this will teleport all new players to the spawnpoint you select.

  • 1.13 syntax: @a[distance=..5] – pppery Jul 26 at 23:18

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