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I'm in need of the Boar Skin resource, and am wondering if I can purchase it from a merchant, and if so which one in particular? Or do I have to roam the wilds randomly killing boars until one drops this resource?

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No, this item cannot be purchased.

The there is a quest that requires you to collect 4 boar skins called luck of the hunt, and while this quest is active, all boars drop boar skins. This means that if you kill 5 boars before collecting the skins, you can guarantee 5 boar skins.


You have to hunt boars, no merchant is selling them. The same holds for all other animals.

  • I've never seen it during my playthroughs
  • "This rare resource is only found on Boars." (Source)

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So there is one merchant in Meridian that sells crates that may contain animal parts.

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