After each participation in clan war with the war battle played, you get some rewards.

What are the odds of getting any trade token?


After a recent update, your average chance is 25%. Basically, there now exists a cycle of 8 War loots, of which 2 have Trade Tokens, 1 has Gems and 5 have Gold.
If I'm not wrong, the chances for each rarity remain the same (e.g. if you get a token, there's a 40% chance to be Legendary, 30% chance to be Epic, 20% to be Rare and 10% to be Common).


According to this article and this datamine reddit post, there is a 10% chance to receive a token. The rates are broken down as follows:

  • Legendary token: 4%
  • Epic token: 3%
  • Rare token: 2%
  • Common token: 1%

Note: This could change at any time.

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    I think these odds were modified recently - I got 3 epic tokens in 3 consecutive wars, which, if I did my math correctly, is about 1 in 37 thousand. I know I'm not that lucky... I also average about 1 trade token in 3 wars. – Vincent T Oct 25 '18 at 2:16

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