I don't know why but Veronica attacks me!

I'm not wearing faction armor my companion is Cass and I am idolized by Brotherhood.

Can it be fixed on Xbox? Or should I use previous save?

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Referring to the Wikia page for Veronica none of the actions you've taken should make her hostile. Since you are idolized by the brotherhood I'm assuming you haven't destroyed their bunker - the only action that would make her outright hostile. Anything else would just make her quit as a companion.

In the bugs section of her Wikia page there is nothing listed that would cause her to attack you. It is possible you have encountered a bug that isn't present on the Wikia page. If possible, reload a save from before she attacked you and either resume playing from there or replay your actions to troubleshoot what caused her to attack.

Lastly, can you verify if you have any mods installed? Mods may cause the game to behave in unintended ways and a bugged mod could be the reason she's hostile to your character.
You are playing on Xbox, it is unlikely you have mods installed


its a reputation glitch you would have two options

  1. kill Veronica
  2. reload a point before then and try to avoid the glitch
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    Hello Apex, and welcome to Arqade! Could you link a source, and a quote from said source, into your answer? Answers usually need to have evidence of bugs, rather than just a claim. Also, when you edit your post, you should also include punctuation, and capitalize the correct letters. Your answer is difficult to read at this point. Commented Oct 6, 2018 at 14:21

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