Finally No Man's Sky has a multiplayer mode.

I have the Steam version. So when I want to invite people to my game I see a list of my Steam friends that own this game. But is it also possible for an owner of the GOG version of No Man's Sky to join my game?


The 2.52 Crossplay Patch a few months before the big 3.0 "Origins" update in 2020 added "cross-play" communication between platforms. Now all the various PC users can see each other, as well as see console players.


I think I can answer this question myself:

Looks like the GOG's version if No Man's Sky doesn't even have the multiplayer feature so far. So the answer is "No, it's not possible right now".

Edit: This anser seems to be not valid anymore

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    The NEXT update added multiplayer support. – Mufasa May 9 '20 at 11:49

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