I still have this quest on my journal and I can't seem to "finish" it. My character is already Thane of Falkreath and sided with the Stormcloacks during the Civil War. Truth is, I can't remember very well if I made a mistake or something in the past because I don't have my previous save files, only the one I'm currently playing.

I tried to "finish" this quest by buying and building Lakeview Manor but it didn't work. Any help with this, please? I just don't like having "unfinished" business on my journal.


According to UESP:

  • This bug is fixed by version 2.0.5 of the Unofficial Hearthfire Patch.
  • You can fix this using the console command: SetObjectiveCompleted BYOHHouseFalkreath 15 1.

Note that the Unofficial Hearthfire Patch has since been rolled into the Unofficial Legendary and Special Edition Patches, so this fix should now be available by installing one of those. Also note that many Unofficial Patch fixes only work when creating a new save (so you should use the console command if the patch does not work).

  • I had to use the console command even though I have the patch, thanks for the answer! – Ethan Oct 12 '18 at 15:27

Sometimes it happens, and if it does it won't go away unless you reload a save from before, or make a new character.

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