I want to change the Door sound depending on their wood. Is that possible with a resource pack? I already know you can replace sounds. but can you make them conditional?


You can't do this with a resource pack. As of 1.13.1, (the newest version of Minecraft as of this answer) all doors share the sounds minecraft:block.wooden_door.open and minecraft:block.wooden_door.close, which means that minecraft doesn't check the type of wood when it is deciding which noise to play.

Because of this, there's no way in the current game to use a resource pack to have unique sounds for the different wood door types.

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Yes, you can even change sounds and textures when making a map. Check files of a professional map you will understand better

Edit: I didnt remember the exact way to the textures folder i will edit if i find out.

This is how to do it, but since minecraft gives same sound for all tyos of doors, thing you want to do may be impossible if you dont use a mod or plugin depending where you do it.


This link explains how to simply create a valid texture pack and which folder to place sounds and what format it should be.

Generally, you create a mcmeta file to define texture pack, make a folder in an "assets" folder named "minecraft" and make sound folders in it.

Sound folder are

music records sound: subfolders- ambient cave weather damage dig fire fireworks liquid minecart mob bat blaze cat (basically all the mobs. look in the sound folder for full list) note portal random step tile piston

You can add only the ones you will replace.

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