I had a few pelts, including a legendary bear pelt on the back of my horse. On the way back to the camp I was ambushed by some bandits, and unfortunately they did manage to defeat me.

I'm not sure yet how exactly the death mechanics work in this game, but I respawned with some money lost. But also all my pelts were gone from my horse. I noticed at that point that my last manual save game was quite a bit ago, so I wasn't willing to reload to fix this.

Is this an intended part of the penalty for dying? Or is there a way to get those pelts back that I had stored on my hose?

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What Are Legendary Animals And Their Benefits
These animals are unique animals of a specific species and when killed they drop legendary pelts, these pelts are highly valuable and can be used to craft trappers and special clothing items. If you somehow lose the legendary pelt it will be transported to the Trapper so you will never miss this reward once you get it. Furthermore collecting these animals also completes one of your requirement towards the Compendium.


Yo you can get the legendary back 👍🏼

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Non-legendary pelts that are on your horse when you die will simply disappear (presumed stolen).

I have now learnt through bitter experience that if you've spent ages finding a three-star animal and managed to kill it cleanly enough to get a "perfect" pelt, the only logical next course of action is to gallop at full pace to camp or the nearest trapper and don't stop for any man/woman/beast along the way.

Make sure that you prioritise appropriate perfect pelts to Pearson if you want all of the satchel upgrades.

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