I've reached level 38 and now I can't quickly gamble away all my cash because it used to get to 30-40k and a spin cost about 1k, and now I've amassed a million and a spin still costs ~1.2k and the machines are not very fast to begin with.

Is there a way to speed up the machines or a spot where there are more machines so I can run through them all without waiting for spinning to stop? Maybe I can spawn a row of slot machines using in-game cheat codes? I know I can give myself any items I like using save editors but that doesn't feel fair, so I want to find a faster way to do it (mostly) legitimately.

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Multiple Slot Machines

First of all, as you yourself mentioned, the best way is to play multiple machines at once. However, I do not know of a spot with more than 2. These places have 2 slot machines:

  • Moxxi's (in Sanctuary)
  • Badass Crater Bar (Torgue DLC)
  • Flamerock Refuge tavern (Tiny Tina DLC)

Torgue Slot Machines

In the case of the Badass Crater Bar, there are 2 additional Torgue Slot Machines. So if you can spend Torgue Tokens as well, you can play a maximum of 4 machines here. Note: The Torgue Slot Machines have different rewards than the normal ones!

Multiple Players

As mentioned in the wiki, playing the slot machines is more efficient the more players are in your game - regarding money, Eridium and Torgue Tokens, because everyone in your group will get rewarded the same number of credits without splitting, thus raising the total net amount given to group.

Level of Loot

Also note that the level of the loot inside the machines corresponds to the price of a game. You paying only 1.2k$ for a spin probably means that the possible loot you can get is underleveled for you. Slot machine levels usually increase with progress in the main story line.

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