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So I was looking up tips and tricks that I could do in Red Dead Redemption 2 and noticed there’s one for infinite money . The problem is I already raided and found this gold bar earlier before I knew about this and sold it.


  1. Is it still possible to use this glitch?
  2. If I can’t use it, would I have to redo a whole new game?
  3. Are there any other hacks that can give infinite money? (I know about treasure maps but I’m referring to anything else)

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So, the infinite money glitch is still available. If you already got the gold bar in Limpany, there are a handful of other gold bars you can use to exploit this glitch. Here's a list of their locations.

There's no word on when -- or if -- this glitch is going to be fixed, so I would take advantage of it now. Knowing Rockstar, it will probably be patched relatively soon.

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