Sowing, harvesting, and storing haygrass is more expensive than just letting my herbivores graze on the natural grass, tall grass, and dandelions outdoors.

Is it possible to instruct animals to only eat my stored haygrass if they can't find nutrition elsewhere?


Unfortunately I've been running mods for so long I can't remember what is or isn't vanilla, but I believe you can make an "allowed" area for animals the same way as for colonists. You can restrict them to outside away from your farm lands and haygrass and food storage and they'll have to eat wild grasses. But this will mean you'll have to either unrestrict them once they eat all of that, or have a storage pile and move your hay into their allowed area. Not only that but, restricting them away from your food storages and freezer is a good idea to stop them from accidentally eating your important food and meals.

Beyond going back and forth on these to control where they can eat, no you can't tell your animals what they can eat.

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