I bought a 500GB PS4 and 500GB just isn't enough so I was planning upgrade my internal storage with a 2TB DRIVE. A lot of my games are digital and after doing a lot of research, I found out that backing up that digital data and restoring it on another drive, might be a problem and I might have to redownload all my games again which I really wish not to do. Is there a way I could say back up all my data onto a drive and then swap the 500 GB drive with the 2TB and then restore my data onto the 2TB now in the console? I am asking ahead just to know because if it's not possible, I'd just use the bigger drive as an external extended storage or something. But if it's possible, that'd be great.

  • The backup/restore features on the PS4 should allow you to do just this. Be warned that it is a slow process. It is now possible to use an external drive as extended storage but the external drive (USB) must be plugged directly into the console. You cannot use a USB hub except for backup and restore.. There are instructions for both methods on the playsation support website. .
    – pew
    Nov 6, 2018 at 12:42

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I've done this plenty of times using the PS4's backup and restore utility with absolutely no problems. It does warn you that some games may not work, but I haven't run across this yet. IIRC trophies are the only thing that aren't transferred, but that's why they tell you to sync your trophies online first. It is a slow process though.

As pew noted as a comment, a recent PS4 update allows you to attach a drive via USB as extended storage. You can run games off the extended storage without issue.

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