As it turns out, I tried to free roam in the Wild West too early. I wasn't even able to unsaddle my horse.

So before I venture out the next time, I want to unlock all side-actions and activities.

Which missions do I have to tackle that allow me to truly roam free? By that I mean go hunting and fishing, finding treasures, and side-games like poker as all I see is domino.

I am looking for a list of quest-giver, quest name, and what it unlocks, e.g.:

  • Hosea Matthews, "Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego", unlocks the stable, unsaddling of horses, and grants you the brush for horse grooming.

CHAPTER 1: Colter

  • Dutch van der Linde (automatically after Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall?) - Eastward Bound - Unlocks the open world

CHAPTER 2: Horseshoe Overlook

  • Hosea Matthews - Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego - Unlocks Horse Brush and the Legendary Animals map
  • Leopold Strauss - Money Lending and Other Sins - Unlocks Ledger and Camp Upgrades
  • Hosea Matthews - The Spines of America - Unlocks Fence to sell Gold Bars
  • Abigail Marston - A Fisher of Men - Unlocks Fishing and Fishing Pole
  • Dutch Van Der Linde - A Strange Kindness - Gives you a Gold Bar

CHAPTER 3: Clemens Point

  • John Marston - Horse Flesh for Dinner - Unlocks Horse Fence
  • Hosea Matthews - The Fine Joys of Tobacco - Makes Fire Bottles purchasable at fences
  • Dutch Van Der Linde (automatically after Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern) - The Battle of Shady Belle - Unlocks Chapter 4, and better horses at Scarlett Meadows Stable and Saint Denis Stable

CHAPTER 4: Saint Denis

  • Dutch van der Linde - Urban Pleasures - Improved Dead-Eye skill

EPILOGUE 1: Pronghorn Ranch

  • Abigail Marston (automatically after Fatherhood, For Idiots) - Motherhood - You get access to Arthur's weapons and items after this mission.


  • Curtis Malloy, sheriff of Valentine - Unlock bounties
  • Basically, completing chapter 2 will equip you with all the skills, equipment, and experience that you need in order to go out into the world and chase down all of those collectables. – user177481 Jan 10 '19 at 14:09

You're free to roam at chapter 3. Up until then it's basically a tutorial. It may be possible towards end of chapter 2 but I'd do it at chapter 3 to get a good sense of the game.

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