Say there was a scoreboard objective called money, and say they had 1 money. How do I see if a player has at least 1 money? as in /testfor @a[score_money_min=1], except using /execute or something in 1.13.1? I am currently trying to make a Vanilla Server for fun. I am currently making a custom command.


Edit: I understand what you want now. Thank you for clarifying in your question. It is rather tricky since /testfor is removed in 1.13. The command for checking the minimum count for objective "money" in 1.13.1 would be:

/execute if entity @a[scores={money=1..}]

The two dots after the 1 are correct, they mean "greater than". See the following wiki page for more information of selecting targets by score:


Hope that helps.

  • sorry, wrong kind of seeing i guess. thanks for trying to help though! I appreciate it. – CollidaCubeYT Nov 10 '18 at 18:35
  • I updated the answer. Is this what you're looking for? – Andrew Nov 10 '18 at 21:14
  • Thank you so much. you are highly appreciated.i hope i can answer some of your questions. – CollidaCubeYT Nov 10 '18 at 22:27
  • The two dots means "greater than or equal to," from my experience. – JavaSpyder Jan 28 '19 at 5:29

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