In Minecraft, to put a Lore on an object, it used to simply be:


Then they changed it to something else in version 1.14. What tag format do I put to receive an item with a lore? The command would be something like this:

/give (Selector) (item)({NBT_Tag}) (Count)

Here is an example with 2 unbreakable diamond axes given to the nearest player:

/give @p minecraft:diamond_axe{Unbreakable:1} 2

/give @p stick{display:{Lore:["\"lore!\""]}}


If you want to create colored or formatted text on the lore, use this instead:

/give @p stick{display:{Lore:[{"color","red","text":"stick"}]}}

If you want to add more text just add more {} formats inside of the Lore:[] tag.

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