Is there any Roblox version for Ubuntu Linux? I need help and I want to enjoy playing Jailbreak and driving in my SUV and my Buggati!


Unfortunately, no binaries exist for Roblox or can be compiled.

Using WINE is out of the question, too -- Roblox makes use of VMProtect which confuses Wine. Even Proton is still having lots of trouble running VMProtect games.

It is possible to connect to a server and run a game for a few seconds if you try to use this installer script off of Github, but this triggers a kick after a few seconds and may also cause an automated account ban for cheating (due to the fact this script injects DLLs during initialization).

You might be able to find a hex-edited copy of Roblox 2008 or Roblox 2010 clients, servers, and Studio copies, but those are essentially the same as pirated software and will not show up on Roblox.com itself.

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    bonus round; if you have a decent PC and can run it correctly, a Windows 10 VM could in theory work. i personally have gotten bad results, however, because my PC is on par at best, and it lags horribly in my VirtualBox VM – EarthToAccess Apr 9 '19 at 2:46

Try installing virtualbox and creating a Windows VM. You could run it on that if your PC is fast.

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