This is after completing the Horizon Zero Dawn main quest, and then continuing the game to play The Frozen Wilds DLC.

The Forgefire ammo pouch upgrade #4 requires a raccoon skin, however I've yet to see a raccoon in this portion of the map. I went back to the Nora area of the map, and only see machines now, no animals.

Is this a glitch? Should the ammo pouch upgrade be asking for a raccoon skin in this DLC?


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If you mean the 'Embrace' area where you start the main game I think that after the events of the main story there are no animals left there. I think this is to emphasize the devastation caused.

All other areas of the main map should still have plenty of animals (although raccoons are one of the rarer animals).

A few of the upgrade quests do take you back to the main game area.

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