I thought Grumble, Worldshaker would return minions left -> right.

However if my hand is full, I've observed both:

  • The right most creature on the board were put into my hand, the others destroyed.
  • I've dropped 1 creature on the left, then world shaker on the left. And had the 2 middle totems get returned, other cards destroyed.

Is it completely random which creatures survive into my hand?


It is not a random order. The minions/totems are returned based on which was played first, second, third etc.

For example, you have 9 cards in hand and you have played cards A, B, C, and D on the board. You play Grumble. A and B are returned to your hand. C and D are considered killed. As a side note, because C and D are considered kill on the board state, if they have a deathrattle effect, they will trigger.


Actions are processed based on the order of play. Thus, your minions are returned to your hand based on the order in which they were originally played.

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