I was screwing around and attempting to make a mechanism where if a player shoots an entity with a special arrow (that gives a potion effect as a marker), and then activates another command block, it would kill all entities with that potion effect. After searching extensively, I couldn't find any NBT selector that I could use to kill entities with a potion effect, and there most certainly was not any other argument after @e[. Is there any NBT selector to target it, or any other way that I overlooked?

I found an old answer suggesting scoreboard functions, but it seems to be outdated and have the same issue (commands not being able to discriminate/select entities based on active effects, as far as I can find).

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The NBT tag you're looking for is ActiveEffects. For example, if you shoot a mob with a spectral arrow, it gets this NBT tag:


So you can target every mob with the glowing effect like this:


Unlike when setting NBT, you have to be exact when reading NBT, so you need the b.

The number is the numerical effect ID (archive).

  • I couldn't find it after like 2 hours yesterday, thank you so much! Commented Nov 24, 2018 at 19:30
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