When i use the changelevelcommand, it instantly ends the current game and changes to the next map.

Is there a console command to set the next level after a match has ended. e.g. wait until after the match has ended and the scoreboard has displayed, then changelevel.

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If you're just looking for things built into the game:

  • The nextlevel command will change to the specified map at the end of the current round. Meaning that it will cut the current map short.
  • Setting the mp_endmatch_votenextmap cvar to 1 will cause a vote to pop up at the end of the current map, but it uses the maps specified in your gamemodes_server.txt for the current game mode to populate that vote list. In other words, you can't specify the map directly.

No, that's not possible without server mods.

The only things you can do is using the maplist.txt or mapcycle.txt and set the rotation there. They can both be found in your ./csgo/ main directory.

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