I have a bobble head which will increase my agility for 1 hour. However, I haven’t used it yet because I don’t want it consumed and gone forever.

So, if I use it, will I be able to use it again, and again? Or, should I save it for that s.p.e.c.i.a.l. moment when I really need agility?


They are single use only. Once used, they are removed from your inventory. I have found multiples of the same bobblehead though, so it is possible to get them again. Also, due to the nature of loot in this game, I believe they do respawn over time.

  • Ah okay. Thanks for the information. Good to know they will at least respawn eventually. Thank you Nov 27 '18 at 13:00
  • @CodeLikeBeaker I don't think they spawn in the same exact locations time and time again - they are somewhat harder to find than normal loot, so their spawns are often in obscure places. I remember I found one once behind a picture frame in a display case of the White Springs Golf Club. Also note, that if playing with others, a bobblehead that you found may not be there for your teammate. They appear to be uniquely spawned for each player. I've experienced that when playing with a friend.
    – Timmy Jim
    Nov 27 '18 at 13:03
  • That's good info to know. Greatly appreciate it. I've found a few, just been reluctant to use them due to the rarity and potential single use. Thanks again Nov 27 '18 at 13:30
  • 1
    @CodeLikeBeaker Sadly, I pretty much consume them upon finding them because they weigh 1 each, and the space limitations in the game so far make it hard to store them, especially since they are only temporary.
    – Timmy Jim
    Nov 27 '18 at 13:31
  • 2
    Spawn locations are the same, they just don't always respawn and the type of bobblehead is random. For example, I've found them at a military camp many times in the same exact spot. Always a different bobblehead and it's not always there (either because of not spawning or because someone else took it; not sure).
    – Shelby115
    Nov 28 '18 at 3:19

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