I am looking for parts for a shiskebab, I have the schematic but the parts are not sold in megaton.

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To build the Shishkebab you need:

  • Motorcycle gas tank, there are 5 located in the Minefield
  • Motorcycle handbreake, again two are located in the Minefield ( Each is located near the burned out remains of a motorcycle, along with a motorcycle gas tank. One is on the east side of the Gillian house, and the other is on the southwest side of the Benson house.)
  • Pilot light - can be taken from any oven - again check the Minefield or SuperDuperMart
  • Lawnmower blade which again, can be find on (surprise, surprise) lawnmowers in the Minefield.

In short: go to Minefield.

enter image description here


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