This is strange. I've looked everywhere (community hub, profile, news page, email, etc.), but I can't find an actual feed of updates from my followed games. The closest thing I've found is this page, but this is specifically for games in your library. It has nothing to do with followed games.

This means that the only way for me to see an update is to just happen to be sitting at my computer the exact moment steam pushes the desktop notification. And if I miss that notification (which I will), I'll never know about it unless I spontaneously decide to manually go to the community hub of every single game on my followed list and scrub through the latest news, which isn't even listed in a linear format. It's listed in some weird "staggered grid" format. Time consuming.

This is kind of ridiculous. I thought the function of "following" something was that you get a feed of recent updates that you can look at on your own time, whether via email or a dedicated feed. They make damn sure that you know about every sale, from launching a big news window when you start the client, to throwing a huge ad on the front page, to emailing you when a wishlisted item goes on sale, etc. But nothing for followed games? What's the point of following them if I still have to manually visit the community hub (and have no idea if the game I'm looking at has actually updated until the page loads)?

Surely I must be missing something?

In any case, I've been trying to find this elusive feed for months with no luck. I would really like to actually make use of this feature (assuming it actually exists).

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    I tried hard not to rant in my question, but I'm so floored about this that I don't know what else to say other than to express my bewilderment. Dec 5, 2018 at 9:53

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You can find a feed of updates of the games you follow under 'Activity', which is accessible under your profile name in the menu (in both the browser and client version).

A screenshot of Steam with the location of 'Activity' highlighted

You can adjust the feed in 'Friend Activity Settings', at the top (partially visible in the screenshot).

Updates are part of 'announcements', and to see only those, choose that option in the settings:

Friend Activity Settings->A group I belong to:->Posts an announcement

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    Geez, that is unintuitive. Is there a way to filter it down to only updates from followed games? Dec 6, 2018 at 19:40
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    They are, in that same display of lucidity, in all probability part of the 'announcement' setting: "A group I belong to", option "Posts an announcement?". Edit: Added to the answer.
    – Joachim
    Dec 6, 2018 at 19:53
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    Oh man, it is. I just tested it out. I should apply for a job at valve and fix their UI. One of the things I would add: a 'remove from wishlist' button on the store page :P Dec 6, 2018 at 19:54
  • They used to have that, I know realize. Not even that long ago you could just re-click the 'Wishlist' button a title's page to remove it. Silly to remove that function: do they really think users will get so upset having to scroll through their wish list that they might just buy the game eventually :)?
    – Joachim
    Jan 28, 2019 at 0:29

You can check the followed games from "Your Store" and then "Followed Games & Software"

Your Store-Followed Games & Software


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