This achievement is obtained by downing survivors with your hatchets 100 times from 24+ meters away as the Huntress. Though I've been getting better at it, I'm still a little off on my shots, so I need to rely more on the perks I bring. What perks other than Barbecue and Chili and Bitter Murmur would be good for accomplishing my goal?


I've come up with an answer for my own question based on the newest Dead by Daylight update that is soon to be released, which contains the Legion killer. It just seems that I had to stew over it for a bit to find it out. To get this achievement, one could run add-ons and perks such as these:

  • Add-ons

    Iridescent Head - Instant down hatchets; 4 less max hatchets.

    Infantry Belt - 2 more max hatchets.

  • Perks

    Discordance III - When 2 survivors work on a generator at the same time, that generator's aura shines yellow for 12 seconds.

    Iron Maiden III - You search lockers 50% faster; Survivors that exit lockers suffer exposed for 15 seconds and are revealed for 4 seconds.

    Barbecue and Chili III - When you hook a survivor, all survivors at least 40 meters away are revealed for 4 seconds; You gain 25% bonus bloodpoints for every time you hook a survivor for the first time.

    Bitter Murmur III - Every time a generator is repaired, all survivors within 16 meters of that generator are revealed for 5 seconds; When the last generator is repaired, all survivors are revealed for 10 seconds.

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  • I'd also recommend using a Coldwind offering because it's so open. Slugging would also let you get the maximum use out of your add-ons because the survivors would take longer to die. – Robbie Jan 21 at 18:20

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