I am playing flashpoint and recently got to open the black market which I consider to be an awesome way to get hands on +++ items.

Price and items in the black market depend on reputation with local pirate organization. I have hated rating with local pirate organization and I would like to improve it. Problem is I have finished main campaign and lowest star system load rating is 3.5+(skulls)

enter image description here

At hated, I can only accept 3(skull) missions from the local pirate faction. enter image description here

Does it mean that there is no way for me to improve rating with local pirate organization and to subsequently get better items at cheaper prices from black market?

Is there a way to get 3 skulls (or less system) after finishing main campaign in BattleTech flashpoint? Or some other way to improve faction reputation?


Sorted it out myself. It would appear I haven't been looking hard enough!

There are Detroit and Un Cruinine systems that have 3 skulls, they are in the section of the map that belongs to local governments, in the center of Rimworld.

enter image description here

So now I only need to fly in often enough to check if there are contracts by pirates and I should get the reputation...

Also, I while having hated reputation I was able to accept 3.5 skull mission.

enter image description here

  • My notes suggest that Bellerophon (locals) should also be a three skull system – Gavin Apr 4 at 17:32

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