I have been playing Oh! Edo Towns (the new Kairosoft game for iOS), and have created all the combos currently available to me. The game mentions needing to create "hidden" combos - what are these, and what buildings do they use?


Here is a translated document of the combo moves...

Oh Edo Combo Guide

Combo Name  Facility    Facility    Facility    Yield   Price   Total Cost      

    Snack   Udon Shop   Soba Shop   Stew Cart   15%     10%     240G    
    Flower  Dumpling S. Cherry Tree Pond        18%     5%      460G    
    Sweets  Bun Shop    Bean Soup   Dumpling Sh 15%     10%     210G    
    Plum    Pub         Rice Shop   Plum Tree   20%     10%     350G    
   Kamakura Daibutsu    Bun Shop    Hydrangeas  24%     16%     890G    
    Lunch   Rice Shop   Tempura Sh. Greengrocer 20%     8%      340G    
    Noodle  Udon Shop   Soba Shop   Tempura Sh. 10%     5%      300G    
    Refresh Public Bath Bucket Shop Nature*     10%     6%  210G+Nature 
    Cart    Stew Cart   Merchant C. Nature*     10%     5%  160G+Nature
   Medicine School      Medicine S. Nature*     15%     10% 420G+Nature
    Jizo    Jizo Statue Straw Hat   Nature*     10%     10% 340G+Nature 
    Rice    Rice Shop   Bun Shop    Nature*     5%      10% 170G+Nature 
    Lucky   Kimono Shop Cat Statue  Nature*     10%     15% 700G+Nature
   Mountain Dumpling S. Jizo Statue Nature*     8%      8%  320G+Nature
   Hangover Stew Cart   Pub         Nature*     10%     5%  230G+Nature
    Study   School      Library     Nature*     10%     10% 450G+Nature
    Warrior Samurai Ho. 5-Rf Tower  Nature*     10%     5%  2600G+Nature
    Hairpin General St. Kimono Shop Nature*     10%     12% 400G+Nature
    Archive Jizo Statue Library     Nature*     15%     5%  410G+Nature 
    Beauty  Public Bath Bucket Shop General St. 15%     10%     310G    
    Sunny   Park        Jizo Statue Fire Alarm  12%     10%     470G    
   Shipping General St. Greengrocer Medicine Sh 12%     10%     300G    
    Fried   Tempura Sh. Bun Shop    Udon Shop   12%     10%     270G    
    Fiery   Fire Stati. Fire Alarm  Well        25%     -        880G   
    Fun     Zoo         Kabuki The. 5-Rf Tower  20%     5%      3400G   
    Scholar School      Samurai Ho. Library     25%     5%      1650G   
   Literary Library     Library     Ukiyoe Shop 15%     10%     900G    
   Training Weapon Shop Dojo        Notice Boa. 20%     10%     1080G   
    Edomae  Sushi Shop  Fireworks   Tempura Sh. 20%     12%     550G    
    Steamy  Pine Tree   Hot Spring  Boulder     25%     10%     1930G   
    Import  Elekiter    Camera Shop Zoo         25%     25%     2800G   
    Fortune Cat Statue  Case Shop   Shrine      25%     10%     1300G   
    Komon   Case Shop   Sandal Shop Straw Hat   20%     -        680G   
    Kyoto   Samurai Ho. 5-Rf Tower  Kimono Shop 20%     15%     2950G   
    Gambler Gambling S. Pawn Shop   Pub         5%      25%     550G    
    Corrupt Magistrate  Fancy Rest. Bun Shop    10%     10%     2050G   
    Ghost   Well        Willow Tree Wooden Path 15%      -       295G   
    Healthy Greengrocer Merchant C. Medicine S. 15%     10%     280G    
   Traveler Sandal Shop Straw Hat   Carriage S. 25%     15%     680G    
    Battle  Turret      Cannon      Weapon Sh.  30%     10%     850G**
    Playboy Gambling S. Kimono Shop Kabuki The. 20%     20%     1400G   
    Vehicle Stables     Handcart S. Carriage S. 20%     25%     1700G   
    Clothes Kimono Shop Large Store Fancy Rest. 16%     15%     1550G   
   Princess Carriage S. Kimono Sho  Fancy Rest. 21%     15%     1850G   
    Samurai Magistrate  Castle      Samurai Ho. 25%     15%     5200G***
    Karosft Kairo Statu Banana Tree Scarecrow   35%     35%     4476G

*Like trees, boulders, the fire alarm, or scarecrow.
**Most cost-effective combo for high yield!
***Most expensive combo for its yield.

If you're looking for tips on combo stacking/chaining, check out http://kairospot.net/community/threads/10x-combo-on-castle.1414/ (The thread is entitled 10x Combo On Castle.)

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    Would you mind adding the list of combos to your answer? The link is great but if it goes dead for whatever reason, having te list here would be helpful.
    – user11502
    Nov 6 '11 at 4:37
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    @AshleyNunn - I've added the table to the answer, although I had to do some rather ugly formatting to make it fit halfway nicely.
    – sjohnston
    Nov 27 '11 at 0:03

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