I'm playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 (the "Definitive Edition"). My main character is the Red Prince, and in my party I have Lohse.

I've got Persuasion maxed on my main character because I'd like to have all possible story options open and I tend to talk with my main character (in addition to playing a few parts where you're temporarily on your own).

Then Bartering I'm maxing on my party member Lohse. Is that even useful? And if it is, do I need to switch to Lohse when trading items and gold? Do I perhaps even first need to move all items to Lohse's backpack to get full use of her bartering skill?

Or should I go a different route altogether to get the most for my abilities?

PS. Come to think of it, I also open chests with my main, but have Lucky Charm on a party member maxed. Should I be looting with the Lucky character instead?

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Only Lucky Charm and Loremaster are shared among party members. Every other Civil Ability - Bartering, Persuasion, Telekinesis, Sneaking, and Thievery - will only affect the character who has leveled up that skill.

There are however mods such as this (for Bartering skill and attitude), that enable exactly what you're asking about.

(Note: Since the release of the "Order and Magic" Gift Bag, there is now a 'built-in' equivalent of this mod, accessible through the in-game menu. Enabing 'Hagglers' will mean that all party members share bartering skill and attitude when speaking to NPCs.)

Hagglers: Tired of forgetting to switch to your 'haggling' character when talking to traders? Now the reputation and skill of your whole party can help you wrangle the best prices!

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