Some of the new Hearthstone cards have an "Overkill" bonus.

How does Overkill work, and are there any particular strategies that help one to take advantage of it?

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From the Hearthstone wiki (emphasis added):

Overkill is an ability that activates whenever the card with the keyword deals damage to a character exceeding its current Health during your turn.

It was introduced in the December 4, 2018 expansion.

As for strategies, I believe that that is a very broad question, but a player could use it to gain tempo by slightly Overkilling a minion to summon another, such as using the 5 mana Baited Arrow to kill another minion with 2 or less health remaining, to summon a 5/5 Devilsaur at the same time.

Ironhide Direhorn looks like another good card if it could survive a turn/attack immediately, perhaps when combo'd with Rush to let it Overkill a minion and summon a 5/5 Ironhide Runt.

Personally, I think Totemic Smash looks like it will give the best value for a Turn 1 play if the opponent plays a card with 1 HP; or it could also be used to remove another minion if you lack 1 HP to kill it with your other minions on board, in order to Overkill by 1 HP.

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    This is great! I'll upvote tonight. I MAY have hit my upvote limit catching up with good posts I'd missed in my questing for hats, but I'll circle back as soon as they reset - thanks!
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    In general, it seems there are few basic ways this is to be utilised. 1. impede momentum of cheap decks. 2. buff a card to reach its overkill effect 3. debuff an enemy monster to reach your own overkill 4. setup for overkill on next turn by doing damage to a minion this turn. Strategies can build up from there depending on the exact overkill effects chosen.
    – VLAZ
    Dec 17, 2018 at 6:58

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