So far I have found a purchased two houses, one near the festival and one on the coast.

How many purchasable properties are available for me to buy?

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There are multiple houses / residents to buy.

From what I can find on google there are about 12 houses/castles.

Here is the full list as acquired from this site:

  • Edinburgh Castle:
    Located in the heart of the city, Edinburgh Castle offers the best of Horizon's properties
    15,000,000 CR.

  • Bamburgh Castle:
    This historical home overlooks Forza Horizon 4's coast, situated alongside the long east-facing beach.
    10,000,000 CR.

  • Lake Lodge:
    If castles aren't for you, Lake Lodge is a top-tier lakeside house, overlooking Derwentwater.
    5,000,000 CR. (Free for VIP Pass owners)

  • Fairlawn Manor:
    Fairlawn Manor is a bold stately home located in the map center, positioned among the upper-class Forza Horizon 4 homes
    2,000,000 CR.

  • Derwent Mansion:
    Found on the west side of Derwentwater, this lakeside property is a cheaper alternative to Lake Lodge.
    1,500,000 CR.

  • Castleview Road:
    Found in the southern suburbs of Edinburgh, this offers just a quick drive to the city center
    750,000 CR.

  • The Huntsman Lodge:
    Hidden deep into Lakehurst Forest, this house keeps you far away from the busy roads of Horizon
    750,000 CR.

  • Thatch Corner:
    This cozy beachside thatched cottage is another quiet retreat from the action.
    500,000 CR.

  • Kingfisher Cottage:
    Located beside the Derwentwater reservoir, this historical cottage is tucked just off the roadside.
    350,000 CR.

  • Croftdale Farm:
    Take in the Scottish Highlands with this sky-high property, hidden near Glen Rannoch in the north-west corner of the map.
    200,000 CR.

  • Sunflower Meadows:
    This white semi-detached cottage is found in Ambleside, offering another excellent option for first-time buyers
    200,000 CR.

  • The Gables:
    In an unlikely turn of events, The Gables is a property gifted by film makers after your work as a movie stunt driver.
    Best of all, this location is entirely free.

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    In total, that will be 36,250,000 cr (or 31,250,000 cr for VIP members). Word to the wise! If you get the VIP pass after spending 5,000,000 on the Lake Lodge, you will not get the money back. I literally paid the price learning the hard way.
    – nailbones
    Commented Dec 18, 2018 at 1:51

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