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I was entering this command and it is not working. I have looked at other sources and have found nothing helpful.Can you help explain what I have done wrong?

The command:Command Block window with the code "/replaceitem block ~ ~1 ~ slot.container 0 cobblestone 31 0 {display:{name:CobbLELstone

It is the right block.
error is:Commands

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  • I recommend you to look up command tutorials and the wiki pages for command and NBT syntax. I'm not too familiar with PE commands, but I can already spot at least 4 syntax errors. There should also be an error message somewhere, telling you a bit about what's wrong. – Fabian Röling Dec 19 '18 at 7:26
  • Your synax is incorrect, at least for pc. Did you try replaceitem block ~ ~1 ~ container.slot_0 cobblestone{display:{Name:"\"Cobblestone\""}} 31? Also are you targeting the correct block? – SpiceWeasel Dec 19 '18 at 16:15

I don’t believe that you can rename things using nbt in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. However, you could try using clone to achieve the same affect: Put

/clone ~ ~1 ~ ~ ~1 ~ ~ ~2 ~

in a repeating always active command block. Put 31 cobblestone renamed “CobbLELstone” in the first chest (the one that is 1 block above the command block). chests command block photo


You forgot the end curly bracket: }

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