I want to play Minecraft but I have one controller only. I do have a PC as well. Can I play PC and PS4 Minecraft?

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    You can't play pc servers via your console, and vice versa. Sorry. – SpiceWeasel Dec 22 '18 at 12:36
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    That's not a duplicate. MCPE and Minecraft on PS4 are not nearly the same thing. – Schism Dec 25 '18 at 6:50
  • @Schism This question was asked well after the release of the Better Together Update, so Minecraft on PS4 and MCPE are the same game and this question is actually a duplicate. – pppery Jul 14 at 20:15
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  • @pppery This Minecraft wiki article, minecraft.gamepedia.com/Bedrock_Edition_1.2.0 - states that the Better Together Update was not ported to the PS4 edition. I'm not familiar with the differences between the editions. Does this still mean that the PS4 edition and MCPE are the same game? – galacticninja Jul 17 at 2:53

No, but you can cross play with Switch or Xbox. Sony is hoping to bring cross platform play within an update coming to Better Together soon.


I think it could be possible if you use that ps4 connection thing. I don't know the name but Sony mad it theirselves and with it you'll be able to play on your ps4 using your pc. Maybe you can then both play on the same ps4, one using the pc and one the actual ps4. I'm not sure if this works tough, I haven't tested it yet.


Simply put, no. Minecraft is unfortunately not cross-platform, even though it's something we've all wanted for quite some time. Or at least, that's what I've experienced.

  • Minecraft absoultely IS cross platform and has been for a bit. But only with certain platforms. Bedrock edition (originally Windows 10 edition) is cross play over PC, Switch, Android, iOS, and xbox one (I believe that's all). It's quite frustrating that the PS4 isn't included... – Soundfx4 Jul 29 at 1:48

Nope, I have Minecraft on ps4, and you can’t do cross platform play, I know this may seem ironic but it’s because if they added cross platform play Sony is scared that even more differences between PlayStation and Xbox will be blurred. If you mean play on Pc using a console, it won’t work. There is a thing that you can use to play pc with a console but if you get caught you’ll get banned.

  • Note that console programs are only banned on some specific servers. Also, can you provide a source on the “Sony is scared that...” part? I haven’t heard of this before. – 54D Jan 22 at 4:45

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