I'm starting to reach end game and my capital is filled to the brim. I put up the growth discouragament decision to curb the pop growth so people won't go.

Problem is, I decided to take the Synthetic Evolution path with my Ascension Perks, so now my system capital has 3 robotocis jobs that constantly pump my planet full of robots.

How do I stop this, or deal with it?

(The game is on patch 2.2.2)


You can disable individual jobs - just move all workers to different work slots. Press the +/- buttons in the population tab on the line with that building.

  • Ah. Should have tought of that. It seems to have worked, altough the freshly laid off specialists aren't exactly happy... Ah well, that's a problem for me to solve on my own.
    – DJ Pirtu
    Dec 30 '18 at 19:34

Starting with patch 2.2.3 there is a new decision to stop robot production:

Added a new decision to stop or continue Robot, Droid, and Synthetic Pop assembly, and made this work independently of organic population controls

Here is the link to the full patch notes.

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