When playing the online showdown series I'd like to be able to sneak up on people and stab them in the back, but I'm afraid they are seeing me before I can get a clean kill.

  • I have noticed that when I crouch and move slowly my icon on the map turns gray. I suspect that that means I am not being shown to other players on the map. – Clark Jan 10 at 18:49

You shouldn't be able to do this because it's hugely unfair to other players.

No one would like to enter into an online session and be randomly killed off by someone they had no chance of defending themselves against.

Use skill and stealth and give people a fighting chance.

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    Are you saying that you can't do this in the game or are you expressing an opinion that players should not be able to do this? – Colin Jan 10 at 23:15
  • Let me remind you that on GTA Online (another multiplayer from Rockstar), you can call a specific character so you can be off the radar for a minute. – Lemon Jul 27 at 15:09

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