Because of technical difficulties CoH2 Feral's native port to Linux does not support crossplatform multiplayer (Win-Lin specifically). Since there are around \~5-10k online players and Linux usage on Steam is around 1% that means it's virtually impossible to find anyone to play with.

My question is: can anyone provide a tutorial on how to install windows version of CoH2 on Linux? Because of native port, there is no Lutris config and you cannot choose the platform on Steam play.

I tried Native2Proton - it downloaded the Win version of the game, I added the non-steam game, edited the launcher option, clicked play and... nothing happened.

I also tried to download the Win version via SteamCMD and then run /path/to/Proton-newest-version/proton run /path/to/RelicCoH2.exe adding various environmental variables like LD_PRELOAD but without luck - the command runs and nothing happens.

Any help would be highly appreciated!

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    Enable Steam Play for all titles and try reinstalling through it and playing it that way :) – treyBake Jan 3 at 11:15

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