My Dualshock 4 used to work perfectly fine and had been until yesterday. I would plug it into my PC and play, no problem. But now my PC only recognizes the controller as an audio device and not a game controller. I have researched about this problem and I found many people with similar problems but nobody's solution worked for me.

This is what the controller shows up as under the Bluetooth & Other Devices section of settings: https://imgur.com/jEUGVZh

This is what my Device Manager looks like: https://imgur.com/LtmOai4

These are the properties of the controller under Devices and Printers settings: https://imgur.com/o34YzZK

Does anyone know of a fix for this problem?


Just had this problem myself, after days of searching and nothing seeming to work I found this site.


I installed the setup and selected to install dual shock 4 driver and to force driver installation, hope this helps.

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