I saw from the Nintendo Switch trailer that some games can be played by 4 players across 2 Switches, by putting the Switches next to each other.

I saw 1 game which looked like baseball, with 2 players on each switch, with each Switch showing a different perspective of the same game, and another game where they were matching a Banana across 2 Switches, and another game with tanks shooting each other.

Which games were shown in those examples? And where can I get a list of games that can be played with 2 Switches?

Does the game need to be purchased twice? Or how does it work?

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These games are part of Toad's Rec Room, a seperate gamemode in Super Mario Party. As far as I know it is the only Switch game utilizing that technology so far. There are way more games that can be played with 2 Switch systems (regular multiplayer games), but them being linked to create a single "screen" experience is unique to this.

The game needs to be purchased on both systems.

You can get more information, including a list of available games for this gamemode over here.

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    Maybe a nit-pick, but Super Smash Bro.'s Ultimate also uses this technology with their "Local Wireless" mode--allowing 8 people split across two switches to play the same game on two different screens. Super Mario Party definitely isn't "the only Switch game utilizing that technology so far." – scohe001 Jan 4 at 20:38
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    @scohe001 OP was referring to 2 screens being used in combination to make a single picture. – inakilbss Jan 5 at 11:59

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