My wife and I love to play coop games. We are considering getting ARK: Survival evolved, as we have have heard that it has a couch co-op mode, but we are not 100% sure.

Can someone please confirm that it does in fact support a co-op mode on PS4?


There is a local co-op option for two players. Source

  • My wife and I played "single player" Ark on a PS4 in this manner. Note you will be limited to locally hosted games. – TafT Jun 12 at 13:43

Information gleaned from comments:

In PvE mode, Ark: Survival Evolved is very much co-op based.

The gameplay is kinda like Minecraft meets first person shooter but with dinosaurs. It relies heavily on taming & breeding dinosaurs to ease chores and improve your quality of life, but also on crafting and base building.

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