Today me and my brother were playing Minecraft, and I was about to make a jeb_ named sheep when I realized that you can no longer type the underscore "_" character onto enchanted items. Is there a way to work around this, or are our sheep doomed to be bland?

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    Why the downvotes? – The Mattbat999 Jan 5 at 21:24
  • Hi, I have no problem with this on mine. What version are you using? – Jayden Jan 9 at 2:01
  • @Jayden I can't remember the title, but it is the update right BEFORE Update Aquatic. I remember because when I updated a few days later it came out and I never bothered to update my Xbox again – The Mattbat999 Jan 9 at 3:22
  • Is there anything stopping you updating? Secondly, It could be your keyboard settings - keyboards from some countries don't have an underscore – Jayden Jan 9 at 3:35
  • @JaydenJay once the weekend roles around, I can update. And I haven't changed any keyboard settings. I will check, however. – The Mattbat999 Jan 9 at 11:37

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