I have been trying to make a minecraft map in windows 10 edition but I can't get the setbock command to work if all of the mobs in the area have been killed.

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    What do you mean all the mobs in an "area"? Could you test and see if there are no zombies in a radius from a block and then run commands, or do you have to test something else? – SpiceWeasel Jan 6 at 20:42

A solution I found is that you can do a command testfor this will test for entities:

/testfor @e[type=zombie]

This will test for all currently loaded zombies

 /testfor @e[type=zombie,(r for PE, distance for PC)=20]

This will test for all zombies within a 20 block radius. Radius is building that many blocks off the sides and connecting them to a cube. Thus displaying radius. Than have a comparator coming out of the command block and redstone repeater followed by a solid block with a redstone torch

  • As the question states, the post is for bedrock edition. Specifying that the selector r should be substituted with distance for java edition is not required, since /testfor has been replaced with /execute in the Java edition. – Jayden Jan 9 at 1:59

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