I’m considering restarting my DQ9 game, but I’m wondering if the extra quests, visitors in the Stornway inn, etc. will be saved. Basically anything brought over from Nintendo WFC.

By saved, I mean transferred over and accessible in my new game. If I will lose the option to access this content, I don’t want to restart.

  • Why do you think you will loose access to this content? DLC is additional content you bought for the game, that should be accessible independent of the save file you use. (Although of course it could be the case that you actually need to unlock some content or extras again in a new safe) – Bassie-c Jan 8 at 17:20
  • 2
    @Bassie-c it’s not really DLC in a traditional sense, I just didn’t know how else to describe it. It is free content that is unlocked by connecting to Nintendo WFC. I think it was actually already in the game, it just needed to be unlocked. – DragonChampion7 Jan 8 at 17:44

The servers providing the additional content were shut down by Nintendo quite a while ago (specific date needed), so you won't keep the guests in Stornway and the extra Quests. So using the normal way you won't be able to obtain the content, although it may be possible by using an emulator and some cheats which manipulate the ram, but that is not the proper way.

  • Thanks! I guess I’ll just have to stick with my old game. – DragonChampion7 Jan 9 at 0:51

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