Deep core mining is the current credit meta with Elite: Dangerous 3.3. How it works is you look around asteroid belts using a new utility module called a Pulse Wave Scanner, and the previously existing prospector limpets, to find asteroids with a juicy gem core. Once you find one, you can crack it open using a seismic charge launcher to get at the valuable resources inside.

The hard part about this is the "finding" part, though. How can I identify asteroids that may have a deep core that I can crack open? Obviously this can be done slowly by firing a prospector at every glowing rock, but is there any way to identify these rocks before firing a prospector?


Whether an asteroid really qualifies for cracking open can only be determined safely with the prospector limpets.

However, I found that asteroids glowing in a bright yellow after scanning with the Pulse Wave scanner tend to yield the rarest minerals and those usually need to be retrieved from the inside of the asteroid by cracking it open with seismic charges.

Avoid the asteroids and that glow orange-ish / red-ish and focus on the asteroids glowing brightly yellow. This made me a very rich miner.

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